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60th Annual General Meeting In 2022 – The Institute Of Refractories Engineers
60th Annual General Meeting In 2022 – The Institute Of Refractories Engineers

Due to the IRE’s international membership and ongoing effects of Covid-19 the 2021 AGM shall be held via Zoom.

Please contact the if you have any problems accessing Zoom.

Zoom is free to access from your browser or can be downloaded from

Please use this opportunity to update your email address with the so that you can receive ongoing notices from the IRE.


1. To receive apologies.
2. To re-elect elected Members of Council – Peter Rooney, Keith Andrews.
3. To approve EGM Minutes held on 15th September 2021.
4. To receive a report from the President on the Management and Operations of the Institute.
5. To approve Council’s recommendation that the published unaudited accounts for period ending 31st December 2020 be accepted.
6. To approve Council’s recommendation for 2022 membership prices.
7. Any other business.

2022 prices:

Full Member – £83.00
Members under 25 undergoing training – £41.00

Any amendments to this Agenda will be posted on the Institute’s website no later than two weeks prior to the Meeting.

Members who wish to record votes on any item on the Agenda, but cannot themselves be present at the Annual General Meeting, may arrange to vote by proxy by completing a ‘proxy form’ which is available on the website This needs to be submitted no later than 5pm GMT 22/03/22 and sent to

Any Member not attending the Annual General Meeting, and not arranging to vote by proxy, will be deemed to be in favour of all resolutions approved at the Annual General Meeting by the Members there present.

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