About us

The Institute of Refractories Engineers is a not-for-profit trade association that helps our members to access the science, technology and skills they need to excel in the refractory industry.
The Institute of Refractories Engineers aims include:
Raising standards and training in our field of science and technology.
Promoting and maintaining the character, status and interest of our members.
Sharing insights, news and interesting ideas.
Encouraging members to exchange information to benefit our industry and each other.
The Institute of Refractories Engineers is a non-profit making body and its entire income is applied solely to the promotion of these aims.
A Brief History of
The Institute of Refractories Engineers
Monday 13th November 1961, Court House Hotel, Dudley

Six industry professionals met to discuss the idea of forming an association of like-minded people in the refractories industry.

It was generally agreed that the principle was sound. The aims of the Institute and the grades of Membership were agreed, and a draft application form and certificate of membership were drawn up.

Monday 11th December 1961

Those present at the inaugural meeting became the founder members and IRE formation committee. A number of other professionals were invited to join them and form the embryo of membership. The Institute of Refractories Engineers was born.


The First AGM was held at the Court House Hotel Dudley. Present were the original formation committee, 64 members and 7 prospective members.

And the rest, as they say, is history

Current officers & council
M. Lamkin
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