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Q1 2024 Message From The IRE President Mike Lamkin
Q1 2024 Message From The IRE President Mike Lamkin

I firstly would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. As you are probably aware, due to the hard work of council, the finances of the IRE have been steadily improving over the past few years. We have increased efforts to attract more members, introduced corporate packages and rationalised our expenditure in a more rational and cost-effective manner. I stated in my last address as Treasurer that we expected to reverse the losses in 2024; but, I am delighted to report that our pre-audit figures say that we managed this ahead of schedule, comfortably moving into the black in 2023. Big congratulations to all involved.

One of the reasons for improved finances was the recent UK IRE Conference, Dinner and Training Day. I am sure most who attended would agree that it was a highly enjoyable, informative, and rewarding occasion. We were delighted that the attendance was somewhat more than anticipated, which has resulted in it more than covering its costs. We have analysed feedback and council has already started to work on next year’s UK conference: planning for an even bigger and better event. This, of course, is in addition to the conference and training session in Australia later this year – plans are already well advanced in setting up what is bound to be another great success, Mario will give more details throughout the year as we approach the event.

It has always been one of my intentions as the President to make the IRE more global and push for a wider worldwide membership. As such I am delighted to say that Sebastian Klaus, application & market development manager for Almatis, based in Germany, has been voted onto council. Further, we welcome Chris Windle, a former President of the IRE, back to council. He is keen to lend his experience in, and will co-ordinate, training for the UK Training Day; something he will do in co-ordination with Michael Walton in Australia. I am sure both will greatly enhance the decision making of council. 

We are confident of adding more noted individuals to council in due course. We still have vacancies, so should anyone think they have something to offer and would like to join council, please let us know. Council meetings are usually held on Teams, and we offer prospective council members the opportunity to sit in meetings to see if it works for both the individual and council before a vote on joining.

Mike Lamkin, President
Institute of Refractories Engineers

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