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The June 2023 Refractories Engineer Journal Now Available
The June 2023 Refractories Engineer Journal Now Available

From the Editor Lynn Postle – It is noticeable that this month we are again dedicating much attention to the ongoing need to develop materials, processes and overall manufacturing methods that enable us to drive technological advances whilst maintaining a commitment to a more environmentally sustainable way of operating. Living and working with a greater emphasis on social (and commercial) environmental responsibility is something that each and every one of us is aware of. Now the time has come to make firm commitments to that in our business plans and our R&D projects.

I am encouraged by the focus placed on improvements to drive the industry and associated industries towards ambitious net zero targets. I am also encouraged by the fact that many  refractories companies are already well on their way to meeting said targets, having invested in the latest equipment and technology to save energy and adapt many traditional practices.

We have spoken about green steel before and of course it is a subject that will be covered on an ongoing basis. In this issue we also look at material developments in the concrete sector, with much work being undertaken to improve the “green” credentials in that industry. As would be expected, eco technology will be a prime focus in Dusseldorf, in June when the foundry industry and metallurgical industries come together at the Bright World of Metals quartet of trade fairs. There will be much to consider as attendees look to develop relationships with the industrial partners that they will be working with in the future. It is fair to say that “preferred supplier” status will be given to those companies exhibiting a real devotion to sustainable manufacturing. It is no longer a “nice thing to do,” but has become an ethical and commercial necessity.

The matter was also a hot topic at the IRE AUS conference in Sydney in March, read more about that in the next issue of The Refractories Engineer. In the meantime, remember please let us know of any developments at your company, so we can continue to promote the industry around the world. Find out more at and content includes:

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