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The March 2024 Refractories Engineer Journal Is Now Available
The March 2024 Refractories Engineer Journal Is Now Available

From the Editor Lynn Postle – As we move into a new year, I note that much talk continues to centre around the transition to net zero and the role that materials and manufacturing processes will play in the carbon neutral journey we are all embarking upon.

In this issue we look at the latest statistics for steel production and consider the “thorny” issue of exporting steel scrap, something that will impact the UK’s economic competitiveness and have a detrimental effect on any net zero commitments, see page 17. Whilst we are making strides in global endeavours to reduce CO2 and move towards green steel, it is vital that we remember the amount of scrap that is exported and ask those important questions.

Of course, one of the most essential aspects of our commitment to a greener world centres around raw materials and minerals. This is another topic that appears throughout the pages of this issue as we as an industry, along with our suppliers and customers in the wider industrial landscape, adapt to a new way of ethical manufacturing. What is clear, is the abundance of competent engineering knowledge that will be needed to transition effectively and quickly. The presenters and delegates at the IRE Annual Conference in Sheffield (UK) in November were a fine example of the developments that can be made when we pool our collective knowledge. Detailed presentations were matched with extensive Q&A sessions – there really isn’t any other method of finding solutions to the pressing technical and business matters our industry faces than open forum. 

Collective thinking and smart engineering will lead the way to a greener, brighter and more prosperous future for us all. For those who were unable to attend the conference, please think about adding it into your calendar of events for this year, along with the IRE
Australasia Conference to be held in Sydney, Australia in December (see page 5 for more details).

In the meantime, happy reading. Find out more at and content includes:

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