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The November 2023 Refractories Engineer Journal Is Now Available
The November 2023 Refractories Engineer Journal Is Now Available

From the Editor Lynn Postle – It is encouraging to read in this issue of The Refractories Engineer about the many collaborative projects to help decarbonise industrial processes and strive for a greener and  thus cleaner industrial sector. It is noticeable that “the talk” has ceased and “the walk” has commenced. 

Our President highlights ‘relevance’, as an important aspect of IRE membership. Indeed, the dictionary meaning of relevant – appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest – can be true of society’s commitment to net zero. For a company/organisation to be relevant it must also be sustainable and thus reflect the current time. The pages of this issue are packed with positive news about the efforts of our industry and the sectors we serve to make amends for our carbon intensive past. As part of an industrial supply chain, it is vital that we respond to the net zero challenge, which will inevitably involve joined up thinking and collaborative working.

What better place to “tap into” collaborative working than a professional institute that is the beating heart of an industry? There has never been a more “relevant” time to engage with likeminded
people and there has never been a more critical time for manufacturing and engineering to come together to find solutions for a world that is looking to “clean up its act”!

I urge you to get involved – your contributions will help determine the future of your institute and your industry today and for future generations. Find out more at and content includes:

  • Message from the President
  • Australasian Update
  • Bright World of Metals Review
  • Glass Industry Decarbonising
  • IRE UK Annual Conference and Training Day
  • Patented new range of refractory steels
  • IRE News
  • International Events Diary
  • IRE Annual Training Day 2023
  • IRE Annual Conference 2023
  • Industry News
  • Supplier News
  • General News
  • End User Industry News
  • Refractory Business Directory
  • IRE Corporate Packages
  • Quick Shot Directory
  • IRE Officers and Council
  • The Refractories Engineer Editorial
  • Largest investment in the UK steel industry for decades

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